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13 Apr 2022

Successful Interconnection of Unit 4 of Hualong One, a Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Project

13 Apr 2022  by   
On March 25, Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 6, which Shanghai Electric helped to build, completed 168 hours of trial operation making it ready for commercial operation. Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 6 is the second unit of the Hualong One demonstration project of China's indigenously developed third generation nuclear power plant. The completion and full commissioning of the Hualong One demonstration project marks China's advancement to the global first tier of nuclear power technology and capabilities and supports China's transformation into a leading player in nuclear power sector.


Both K-2 and K-3 units of the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant are contracted by China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC), with Shanghai Electric serving as one of the main equipment suppliers, featuring a plethora of China's homegrown state-of-the-art nuclear technologies. The power plant marks one of the most significant milestones in China-Pakistan energy cooperation, instrumental in helping Pakistan establish a low-carbon economy as well as injecting fresh impetus into China's Belt and Road Initiative.


"As a landmark project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Belt and Road Initiative, the completion and operation of K-2 and K-3 of the Karachi Nuclear Power mark an important step for Chinese energy companies as they continue to expand their international market presence. It also heralds a new era for cooperation between China and Pakistan where the two nations further synergize their comprehensive strategic partnership in a joint force to push green development and achieve carbon peak and neutrality goals," Shanghai Electric said in a statement.


Shanghai No.1 Machine Tools Plant Limited Company, a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Group, was commissioned to manufacture the main equipment of the reactor internals used in the nuclear island, PMC equipment fuel charging and discharging machines and also fuel transportation devices. The company started the project of developing the reactor internals for Hualong One from 2015, and it has successfully overcome seventy-one difficulties including technical and testing challenges. During the process, the company completed technology innovation in 2 material localization, 5 welding technologies, 4 testing technologies and 7 process technologies. It also obtained 10 manufacturing invention patents.

In the process of creating China's most advanced nuclear reactor, several subsidiaries of Shanghai Electric, including Shanghai Electric Power Station Equipment Co., Ltd., also participated in manufacturing core equipment of the conventional island, such as steam turbines, power generators, and steam-water separators, as well as the design of the steam turbine generator set.

K-2 unit of the power plant entered commercial operation in 2021 and completed a 100-hour continuous operation test run at full power, with all performance indicators reaching standards and the unit operating in a sound condition. Each Hualong One unit is expected to generate about 9 billion kWh of electricity annually, which can meet the annual electricity demand of more than 4 million households in Pakistan, equating to the power produced by 3.12 million tons of standard coal, 8.16 million carbon dioxide emissions every year, as well as planting more than 70 million trees.


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