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—Promoter of world energy cooperation

Nowadays, under the influence of the world economic recovery, global climate change and related energy politics, the world energy structure is undergoing tremendous changes. In the coming decades, the world will form an unprecedented energy system. Energy policy, innovative technology and international cooperation are key to global energy development.
With the development of economic globalization, energy resources have been shared globally. Whether it is the traditional energy trade that still dominates the current, or the clean energy development that represents the future trend, the world energy cooperation will have unlimited prospects.
The production capacity upgrades and international competitiveness of energy companies rapidly increasing, actively participating in global energy governance, developing international cooperation, and building a community of interests and destinies for international energy cooperation will be a new trend in the development of energy companies around the world.

World-Energy, the world's largest energy portal, is an advocate and executor of value-based energy information. It aims to promote world energy cooperation, effectively promote energy technologies exchanges, and achieve more convenient sharing of resources to promote the balanced development of economies and energy.
World-Energy( on timely tracking and in-depth reporting of important information such as energy policy, development trend analysis, expert opinions, innovative technologies, corporate news, international cooperation, and industry activities in nearly 200 countries and regions around the world. The industry covers nearly 20 sub-sectors such as oil and gas, coal, thermal power, solar power, wind power, hydropower, nuclear energy, hydrogen energy, power grid, geothermal energy, energy storage, new energy vehicles, distributed energy, energy economy, and future energy. At the same time, World-Energy works with many energy agencies to collect projects, tender information and energy agency information from around the world. World-Energy not only provides decision-making reference for the world's energy workers, but also provides valuable resources for energy organizations and enterprises engaged in international energy trade business.
As a globally influential energy portal, World-Energy has tens of thousands of visits from countries and regions all over the world every day and continues to grow. World-Energy is not only a timely and comprehensive information service platform for governments, scientific institutions, enterprises and energy workers around the world, but also a bridge for actively spread energy information, promoting cutting-edge technologies and brands to the world.
World-Energy will keep up with the times and work with energy firms around the world for contributing to a new round of global energy revolutionary, devoting ourselves to the global economic and energy balance development. To be the promoter of world energy cooperation.


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