30 Mar 2020

Bill Gates Invests in Hydropower Technology

30 Mar 2020  by Daniel Kucher   

Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a company founded by Microsoft founder billionaire Bill Gates, has received an $ 11 million investment in Natel Energy. Natel Energy works on a turbine where water is used as renewable energy.

Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates announced that it supports a new hydropower technology that claims to have changed the way water is used in renewable energy. Breakthrough Energy Ventures, another company founded by Gates, partnered with Schneider Electric with an $ 11 million investment in Natel Energy. Natel Energy, together with its self-produced ‘Restoration Hydro Turbine’ (RHT), makes plants more effective and reduces the effects on fish and other environmental factors.

The system used in rivers is said to cost 20% less than the turbines normally used. This is another feature that distinguishes this project from other turbines and increases the chances of its use. In addition, the company has increased the chances of attracting customers, claiming that it is safer for fish, one of the most important of many projects. We do not yet know whether this claim is true or not.

A pilot RHT facility was established:

It is known that a pilot RHT facility was established in Maine and is currently operating. This facility meets the power needs of a restaurant and school and even sends much power to the network.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures said about Natel Energy: “Hydro has long been considered as the best renewable energy source. Problems in front of technology are only serious capital requirements and relatively compromised wildlife. This high performance hydroelectric turbine that Natel has patented. intelligently tackles both problems. ” One of these 2 problems is related to the cost of the turbines while the other is not to harm the environment.

According to the statements made, this system can be used to strengthen existing facilities or it can be developed and used in different places. This means that Natel has the potential to change how water is used as renewable energy. At this point, the company stated that this $ 11 million investment will be used in the development of RHT.

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