08 Mar 2023

Astronergy Delivers 154.4-Mw Topcon PV Modules to Germany

08 Mar 2023  by   

Leading solar PV module manufacturer Astronergy announced it has delivered 154.4 MWdc of PV modules to the Döllen PV plant in Brandenburg, Germany, financed by the CEE Group and developed by Antlike Solar. It is Europe's biggest TOPCon PV plant. Upon connection to the grid later this year, it is expected to deliver over 150,000 MWh of green electricity annually.

Astronergy is a pioneer in n-type TOPCon PV modules research and manufacturing. The company supplied its high-efficiency ASTRO N series modules to the Döllen PV plant. It is a further step to introduce its n-type TOPCon technology to the global market right after a 355-MWdc deal was signed in Australia earlier.

"The new solar park at the Döllen site impresses with a nominal output of 154.4 MWp and at the same time illustrates the potential of renewable energies as a central component of the energy transition," said Detlef Schreiber, CEO of the CEE Group.

The Döllen PV plant will sell the energy via a power purchase agreement (PPA), playing a crucial role in leading the way in fighting climate change, reducing energy costs and promoting power independence.

N-type TOPCon (tunnel oxide passivated contact) PV modules are a type of solar module that uses n-doped crystalline silicon wafers with passivated contacts, combined with a thin tunnel oxide layer, to achieve high conversion efficiencies ranging from 22% to 24%.


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