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06 Aug 2022

INNIO and B.Grimm Plan Gas Power Projects in Thailand

06 Aug 2022  by   

PHOTO: Left is Dr. Olaf Berlien, President & CEO of INNIO / Right is Harald Link President, Chairman and owner of B.Grimm (photo copyright INNIO)

Energy solutions provider INNIO has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bangkok headquartered B.Grimm Power to collaborate on building new power plant projects in Thailand.

Between 2022 to 2024 the two companies plan to build decentralised liquified natural gas (LNG) and natural gas power plants in Thailand, with a view to building more plants in the future.

“INNIO is pleased to enter into this collaboration with B.Grimm to explore power generation options to secure a stable and reliable power supply in Thailand,” said Dr. Olaf Berlien, president and CEO of INNIO.

“Our flexible power plant solutions and Ready for Hydrogen technology coupled with B.Grimm Power’s presence in the country offers Thailand both the expertise and scale to support its aim to reduce carbon emissions under the COP 26 commitment of the United Nations and to transition to net zero.”

Secure and reliable energy supply in Thailand continues to play a central role in supporting strong gross domestic product development and welfare for the people, according to INNIO. This collaboration will focus on ensuring available supply to support economic growth in the country.

B.Grimm Power currently delivers more than 2.8GW of power to Thailand.

“As Thailand has increased its climate change commitments, we are now aiming to reduce carbon emissions with the support of companies that can provide proven expertise in highly efficient green technology, such as INNIO,” said Dr. Harald Link, chairman of the board of B.Grimm.

“As Thailand’s electrical energy demand continues to grow, it will require power generation technologies that run not only on natural gas, but also on future fuels such as hydrogen and deliver sustainable grid support as well for the higher share of fluctuating renewable power like sun and wind in our portfolio.”


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