02 Jun 2022

BNZ to Build Solar Project in Portugal

02 Jun 2022  by   
BNZ, an independent power producer (IPP) that develops, builds, and operates solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, has obtained authorisation in the North Region of Portugal to start the construction of a solar PV plant in the Ave intermunicipal community with an installed capacity of 49 MWp. BNZ expects the plant to be operational in 2023.

This will be BNZ’s first plant to be built in Portugal, a country in which it expects to install an approximate capacity in excess of 400 MWp by 2024. The aggregated fully permitted capacity of BNZ across all geographies stands at 147 MWp.

The electricity production of this project would be able to supply the annual electricity needs of approximately 14 000 people, the equivalent of one-third of Evora’s population. The clean energy produced at this plant will avoid 21 500 tpy of CO2 equivalent emissions, which is approximately 37 000 Lisbon to London roundtrip flights. In addition, BNZ estimates that it will create between 270 and 370 direct and indirect jobs by 2024.

The production of reliable and affordable PV solar energy located in Portugal will avoid the importation of fossil fuels such as natural gas from third countries. This will result in greater energy independence and security of supply, in addition to improving environmental sustainability. For example, the energy produced by this BNZ project will save the use of 14 million m3/y of natural gas that were to be consumed by combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants to generate the same amount of energy.

BNZ is committed to environmental and social progress of the local communities where the company installs its plants. Therefore, in addition to the positive economic impact of the facilities on the local community and its compliance with the maximum environmental criteria, BNZ will collaborate with the local authorities on social projects currently under development.

Managing Director of BNZ, Luis Selva, added: “The company’s main objective is the production of 100% clean energy to help achieve a low-carbon future, and Portugal is a priority market for BNZ with strong growth potential in the generation of renewable technologies such as solar PV”.

Board Member of BNZ, Jordi Francesch, said: “BNZ responds to the demands of environmental necessity, helping to tackle climate change and ensuring compliance with the strictest ESG criteria, while offering a long-term vision to local communities”.

BNZ has been advised by the Corporate, Commercial, and M&A department of Sérvulo – led by Pedro Silveira Borges – in the legal authorisation process for this project.


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