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19 May 2022

Netherlands to Ban Fossil Fuel Boilers From 2026

19 May 2022  by   

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The Dutch Government has announced plans to ban fossil fuel boilers and make hybrid heat pumps the standard for heating homes from 2026.

A letter sent to Parliament by Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning Hugo De Jonge states new homes in the Netherlands and old ones that need to replace their heating systems will have to install sustainable heating systems, such as a hybrid heat pump, an electric heat pump or connect to a district heat network.

A hybrid heat pump, which is a combination of a heat pump and a central heating boiler, is expected to lead to an average 60% saving on natural gas consumption.

In well-insulated homes, it is possible to switch directly to a fully electric heat pump.

The government is amending the Buildings Decree to provide clarity for suppliers, installers as well as home and building owners.

It intends to set requirements for the efficiency of the heating systems, which will include an exception for homes that are not suitable or that will be connected to another alternative to natural gas in the short term.

The government offers subsidies for the purchase of hybrid heat pumps, which has been increased to an average of 30% from this year.

The cabinet has committed €150 million (£127.2m) per year up to 2030 to support homeowners with the purchase of heat pumps.

Mr De Jonge said: “The urgency of sustainability is great and the pace must be increased. It is also better for everyone’s wallet if we use less natural gas. That is why the cabinet wants the hybrid heat pump to become the standard from 2026 when the central heating boiler needs to be replaced.

“The cabinet wants to make a change together with installers and suppliers. There is of course an exception for homes that are not suitable or if a home will be connected to an alternative to natural gas in the short term.”

The UK also plans to ban gas boilers in new homes after 2025.


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