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09 Feb 2022

ABB Awarded Turbine Installation Vessel Contract

09 Feb 2022  by Energy Global   
ABB has secured an order of approximately US$27 million to supply Eneti’s two new-build vessels with advanced power, automation, and control systems for improved safety and performance.

The two US$330 million wind turbine installation vessels (WTIV) will be delivered to Monaco-based offshore wind construction player Eneti Inc. from the South Korean shipyard Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) in 3Q24 – 2Q25 featuring advanced power, automation and control systems, real-time performance analytics, and electric propulsion from ABB. The ABB orders for the two vessels were booked in 3Q21 and 1Q22, respectively.

The future-proof new-build vessels will be capable of installing the next generation of turbines offshore at depths of up to 65 m, and will be able to get upgraded for operation with zero carbon fuels. The vessels will feature a battery installation from ABB for enhanced sustainability of operations, also including energy recovery from vessel operation.

With rising demand for wind power, there is an increased need for WTIVs that can serve this growing segment efficiently and sustainably. In 2020, offshore wind generation grew by almost 30%, with capacity additions of 6 GW. In its ‘Net Zero by 2050’ roadmap, the International Energy Agency forecasts 310 GW in wind energy sources, of which 80 GW offshore, would need to be added to the global energy mix each year for the world to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century.

“We are delighted to collaborate with ABB on our new flagship WTIVs. ABB’s proven track record and experience in providing technology solutions for the marine industry and, in particular, the sustainable offshore wind vessel segment was the decisive factor in this project,” said Francesco Bellusci, Managing Director, Eneti Inc.

“This contract further confirms that our solutions meet the needs of a very demanding market and are recognised for their operational and environmental performance,” said Rune Braastad, Business Line Manager, Marine Systems, ABB Marine & Ports. “The Eneti ‘seal of approval’ acknowledges their preference for our sustainable hybrid propulsion technology and extensive experience with dynamically positioned (DP) vessels, and WTIVs in particular. We look forward to supporting Eneti through the project phase of these state-of-the-art vessels and in the next phase of its offshore wind market journey.”

The new vessels’ capabilities will rely on ABB’s integrated automation, power and electric propulsion systems, including closed-ring and closed-bus solutions. The closed bus-tie DP2 system’s enhanced fault resistance ensures precise positioning as well as safe and predictable performance during operation. Closed-bus solutions are less sensitive to network disturbances and reduce risks of power and propulsion loss. They also achieve better running engine utilisation to improve efficiency and support advanced remote diagnostics.

ABB will also integrate an energy storage system, which will reduce fuel consumption, wear and tear, and engine running hours. Battery power enhances the WTIVs’ operational flexibility by providing ‘spinning reserve’ backup power, ‘peak shaving’ for short-term load variation, recovery of regenerative energy, and enhanced dynamic performance supporting instant power demands.

The new-build WTIVs will benefit from increased profitability due to higher availability enabled by ABB’s digital solutions. ABB Ability™ Marine Remote Diagnostic System reduces the need for on-site service and improves system performance, while ABB Ability Octopus – Marine Advisory System provides motion and response forecasting, helping the vessels to optimise their operational window.

ABB offers electric, digital and connected solutions for the offshore wind segment to enhance safety, efficiency and sustainability of operations.


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