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18 Dec 2019

New Energy Policy for Greece Sets 100 MW Geothermal Generation Capacity Target

18 Dec 2019  by PV Magzine   
With new ambitious renewable energy target, the Greek government has set a 100 MW geothermal power generation capacity target. The larger opportunities lie with heating and cooling targets, where geothermal could shine.

As reported by PV Magazine, Greece has released a document that lays a path for national energy and climate policy over the next decade, while outlining plans to facilitate significant renewable energy development through 2030.

The plan – so PV Magazine – requires a 35% stake of renewable energy in the country’s final energy consumption in 2030. The initial target for the country was 31%. Of that around 61% are to come from renewable energy sourced electricity by 2030, 43% of the countries heating and cooling is to come from renewables and around 19% of the transportation needs.

With a staggering target for solar PV capacity of 7.7 GW, wind power capacity is to contribute 7 GW, 3.7 GW hydropower, 300 MW of biomass and biogas and 100 MW from geothermal.

How realistic those targets are, particularly as they pertain to geothermal energy will have to be seen. But with a strong emphasis on renewable energy utilisation for heating and cooling, there are plentiful opportunities for geothermal energy utilisation.

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