13 Mar 2023

Colombia Allocates 7.5 GW of Renewable Projects, Including 5.8 GW of Solar

13 Mar 2023  by   

Colombia's Mining and Energy Planning Unit, Unidad de Planificación Minera y Energética de Colombia (UPME), has announced power allocations for renewable energy projects totalling 7.5 GW of capacity. Out of the total 7,493 MW, 5,774 MW were allocated for 147 solar PV projects, 1,238 MW were allocated for 10 wind projects (six of which offshore for 350 MW) and 169 MW for seven hydroelectric projects. 1,620 MW were awarded in the Guajira-Cesar-Magdalena area (northern Colombia) and 1,297 MW were awarded in the Caldas-Quindío-Risaralda area (central Colombia). Most wind capacity was awarded in the central region of Santander.

Initially, 843 requests were submitted for a total of 56,683 MW, distributed between 823 requests for electricity generation and 20 requests from large consumers.

At the end of 2020, solar represented less 1% of Colombia’s installed capacity with 115 MW and less than 1% of its power generation. Wind also represented less than 3% of Colombia’s installed capacity with 563 MW (100% onshore) in 2020.


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