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23 Feb 2023

Hitachi Energy Launches the Next-Generation Txpert Solution to Digitalize Every Transformer

23 Feb 2023  by JCN newswire   

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, Feb 23, 2023 - (JCN Newswire) - Hitachi Energy, a global technology leader advancing a sustainable energy future for all, launches today the next-generation TXpert Hub, a part of its ecosystem for transformers' digitalization.

The TXpert Hub enables monitoring by aggregating, storing, and analyzing the information received from the transformer's digital sensors.

It is built on the solid foundation of Hitachi Energy's journey of pioneering innovation in this field for more than 30 years and is conceived to simplify digitalization for any transformer with enhanced connectivity and cybersecurity.

"Electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system driven by the energy transition, making the power grid a complex system of systems. Digitalization is the only way to manage that complexity to deliver the necessary visibility and agility to enable fast data-driven decision- making," said Bruno Melles, Managing Director of the Transformers Business at Hitachi Energy. "Digitalization is becoming crucial to transformers due to their pivotal role in enabling efficient, reliable and safe electricity networks, managing power quality and flow control to fit the needs of today and tomorrow."

Next generation TXpert Hub: Digitalization for every transformer

The next generation TXpert Hub, powered by the latest CoreTec technology, has been built from the ground up to ease transformer digitalization, focusing on:

- Incorporating the operative experience from users of earlier versions of the system

- The application of the latest technologies in communications and cyber security

- Readiness for off-the-shelf retrofits

TXpert upgrades and enhances the transformers to connect and integrate all the relevant data across many devices to deliver tangible impact and to make digital real. It makes the digitalization of transformers easier, more effective, and secure. Whatever the type of transformer it may be - old, new, dry, or liquid-filled, transmission or distribution - the TXpert ecosystem would be applicable to it. With its solid grounding built on the knowledge and intelligence of manufacturing and servicing thousands of transformers, the TXpert ecosystem delivers actionable, data-driven insights with a real impact on reducing costs, optimizing operations, extending life expectancy, thereby further enhancing its environmental performance.

About the TXpert Ecosystem for transformers' digitalization

TXpert is Hitachi Energy's open, scalable, manufacturer-agnostic ecosystem for the digitalization of transformers, designed to drive data-driven intelligence and decision-making in the operations and maintenance of transformers.

It is a complete suite of products, software, services, and solutions that work together and have the capability to integrate with new and existing digital equipment from other manufacturers.

Spanning all types of new or existing transformers - distribution, dry and power transformers - the TXpert Ecosystem includes:

- TXpert-Ready digital sensors: Such as temperature, DGA, bushings...etc from an extensive list of proven TXpert Ready third-party sensors

- TXpert Hub monitoring system: Powered by CoreTec. The TXpert Hub provides asset level data visualization, acting as a watchdog and interface for all the sensed data

- Asset Performance Management software: On Cloud, Edge or Premise Software that uses the data for actionable insights

TXpert advanced services: To have further expert insights and help it act instantaneously

TXpert delivers actionable intelligence that increases capital and operational value by optimizing operations, extending life-expectancy, and enhancing environmental performance, reducing risk and cost through predictive maintenance and smart asset management.

The actionable intelligence delivered by TXpert supports achieving a quantifiable return on investment through the following:

- Optimize: Reduce cost, maximize life, productivity, and uptime. Enabling tools for change management, more efficient operations, or selective overloads

- Predict: Enable continued operations, reliability, safety, monitor and quantify risks

- Plan: Asset utilization and maintenance management

- Prevent: Savings through condition-based maintenance instead of time-based



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