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04 Jan 2021

China XD Group Recieves Approval for Eight New Transformers

04 Jan 2021  by Power In En   

Eight new transformers and reactor products from China Xidian Group have passed the industry appraisal, and their comprehensive performance indicators reached the international leading level.

Photo (for illustrative purposes): Transformator /Iqram Shawon / Pixabay / Free for commercial use

The eight new products that passed the appraisal are major products of key projects undertaken by China Xidian Group, including converter transformers for the “Changji-Guquan” ±1100kV UHV DC transmission project, and flexible DC transformers for the Zhangbei flexible DC grid test demonstration project.

Also approved was a ±660kV DC converter transformer for the Pakistan “Matiari-Lahore” transmission project, the Shaanxi Yulin Hengshan coal power project power transformer, a converter transformer for the Yunnan Shenhuo aluminum project, and the “Zalut-Qingzhou” project Parallel reactors.

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