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06 May 2022

UK Smart Meter Network Hits 20 Million Milestone

06 May 2022  by   

Image: Shutterstock

Around 20 million smart meters have already been installed and connected to Britain’s network.

The 20 millionth device was installed by Utilita Energy at a home in Brighton.

It has been estimated that the total amount of carbon emissions that could be saved through the annual operation of these 20 million smart meters is 580,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

This amount translates to the emissions coming from all the homes in Manchester.

Data Communications Company Chief Executive Officer Angus Flett said: “These 20 million meters have been added in less than four years.

“Credit for that goes to everyone involved in the smart metering rollout, particularly our customers, the energy companies and network operators, who’ve worked really hard with us.

“This network is the backbone of a new digital energy infrastructure in Britain, as we transform our energy system. Crucially, the data we carry from these 20m meters enables the best possible use of renewable energy sources, which everyone wants.”


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