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29 Apr 2022

Energie Wasser Leverages Nokia’s Fibre Solution to Deliver Smart Metering Services

29 Apr 2022  by   
Swiss energy services company, Energie Wasser Luzern (ewl), has deployed Nokia’s PON fibre solution in collaboration with its subsidiary, arcade solutions ag, to meet growing demand for more capacity, speed and smart metering services.

Nokia’s 7360 ISAM FX series high-capacity fibre access nodes support GPON and XGS-PON (passive optical network) technologies to deliver augmented performance and capacity to meet the needs of residential and business customers.

The solution is ready for evolution to 25G PON and software-defined access networks (SDAN), which aim to futureproof the network.

As Lucerne’s energy services company, ewl has delivered a modernised infrastructure for the network’s approximately 12,000 buildings, which are all connected to fibre for high-quality broadband services and smart metering, including water and electrical power measurement.

In addition to providing these services to businesses and residential customers, not just within Lucerne but also to its suburbs, ewl aims to empower new economic opportunities and market competition.

Samuel Schnyder, CMO for arcade solutions, stated: “We were challenged to provide services not only for residential and business customers, but also for smart metering over the same infrastructure.

“Nokia was able to provide us with a single solution that addressed different customer requirements in terms of QoS (Quality of Service) and bandwidth, and the required security regulations for smart metering.”

Dominique Verhulst, global head of Utilities business for Nokia, added: “As a modern energy services company that is broadening its offering with advanced metering and internet services, ewl’s need for fast and reliable broadband is very high.

“Ewl is a leader in this space, so we are excited to work with them to bring our expertise in building, operating, and renewing similar city networks from across Europe and North America.”

The announcement comes as Nokia makes strides within the smart technology and grid environments to drive the energy transition.

Nokia was recently selected by RTE to build a new grid network and also partnered with Acea last year to launch smart grid developments.


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