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14 Mar 2022

Scotland’s Busiest Airport Takes off with Solar, Battery and EV Project

14 Mar 2022  by   
A new solar farm, battery and EV charging infrastructure will be installed at Edinburgh Airport.

Image: Edinburghcitymom

Scotland‘s busiest airport will be fitted with a new green energy solution in a bid to lower its carbon footprint.

That follows a deal signed between Edinburgh Airport and solar developer AMPYR Solar Europe (ASE) to develop a new solar farm linked with battery technology and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

Under the agreement, ASE will build approximately 9MW of solar PV, 1.5MW of battery storage and 40 EV charging points.

The solar PV system and the battery will be installed next to the runway and will be connected to the airport through a high voltage private wire network.

Edinburgh Airport plans to purchase the power produced by the solar farm through a long-term power purchase agreement with ASE.

Gordon Dewar, Edinburgh Airport’s Chief Executive, said: “Our commitment to a net zero future is underpinned by the various strands of work we have going on across the airport as part of our “Greater Good” sustainability strategy and one of the most visible projects will be this solar farm.”

Andrew Gould, Executive Chairman of ASE, commented: “Edinburgh Airport’s leadership shows a way forward to zero carbon for the airport sector.”

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