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16 Jan 2022

ESB Networks to Read 1.75 million Smart Meters with Itron’s Temetra

16 Jan 2022  by   

Irish utility ESB Networks has selected Itron for the provision and installation of a smart meter data collection and management system.

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ESB Networks will deploy Itron’s Temetra data collection and management solution as part of the utility’s Smart Metering Programme in 2022.

The utility’s smart meter rollout is part of the Irish government’s National Climate Action Plan, which includes the deployment of smart technologies that can help speed up the transition to low-carbon energy resources.

Using Temetra, ESB Networks will be able to collect, process and manage data from 1.75 smart meters, a development that will help optimise grid efficiency.

The solution will enable the energy firm to have real-time visibility regarding events within the grid, data that can be used to increase renewable energy capacity and consumers to reduce their energy use and costs.

ESB Networks is preparing its transmission and distribution system for increased clean capacity as part of a €4 billion ($4.5 billion) National Network, Local Connections Programme launched in September 2021.

In late 2021, the utility formed a joint venture with Coillte to develop 1GW of wind energy projects by 2030, enough to power more than 500,000 homes. 

Temetra will enable ESB Networks to collect meter readings via mobile devices and to accurately bill customers,as well as address energy theft and non-revenue electricity resulting in improved revenue collection, according to the press statement.

The project will allow ESB Networks to work more efficiently by utilising Temetra Geo-Routing to quickly assign or reassign work based on meter and meter reading location.

To achieve its smart meter rollout target, ESB Networks is installing 40,000 units per month and increased its total installed portfolio to 500,000 in October 2021.

Peter Warner, Information System and Retail Market Services Manager at ESB Networks, said the utility’s “smarter network drive is underpinned by more efficient, cleaner technology, which will bring benefits to customers, the environment and the economy.

“With Itron’s Temetra solution, we will use advanced data collection and data management software-as-a-service to manage reliable and efficient electricity for millions of homes and businesses.”

Don Reeves, senior vice president of Outcomes at Itron added: “Itron is delighted ESB Networks is deploying Temetra and can access benefits from our solution, including the ability to modify meter data and assignments anywhere through a simple web login rather than having to maintain locally installed software. This will help ESB Networks efficiently manage their multiple meter reading contractors and deliver greater value to their customers.”


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