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03 Dec 2021

North Macedonia to Extend State of Energy Crisis for Six Months

03 Dec 2021  by   

The Government of North Macedonia has proposed to the national assembly to prolong the state of energy crisis for six months, until June 9, 2022.

north macedonia government energy crisisPhoto: Government of North Macedonia/Flickr

The Government of North Macedonia said it has drafted the decision on approving the extension of the state of energy crisis in electricity supply throughout the country’s territory due to the shortage of electricity on the domestic market and the conditions on the power exchanges.

The government has proposed the extension of the state of energy crisis for the next 6 months until June 9, 2022.

The state of energy crisis was declared on November 9

The aim of the decision is to ensure stability in the implementation of the measures and activities for overcoming the issues in the electricity supply, the government said.

On November 9 the government declared a 30-day state of energy crisis due to electricity shortages on the domestic market, caused by occasional outages at major production facilities, the lack of coal for the production of electricity, and the inability to prevent possible outages with reserves in the electricity production sector.

The most important measure was to transfer budget funds to state-owned power producer Elektrani na Severna Makedonija (ESM) and transmission system operator MEPSO in order to facilitate purchases of electricity abroad.

REK Oslomej starts trial production, ESM closes public call for fuel to start TEC Negotino

Government spokesman Duško Arsovski said that ESM is increasing domestic electricity production.

ESM has increased the production of coal for REK Bitola, but also imported some 90,000 tons, and plans to purchase an additional 810,000 tons in 2022, he said.

Arsovski underlined that after a one-month overhaul REK Oslomej yesterday started trial work and that preparations are underway for the production in TEC Negotino.

The public call for the procurement of fuel oil for the Negotino power plant is closed, and as soon as the fuel oil is delivered it will start production, Arsovski stressed.


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