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10 Aug 2021

China-Pakistan: First Large-Scale Power Transmission Project Starts Power Transmission

10 Aug 2021  by WorldEnergy   

A few days ago, the first large-scale power transmission project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which was undertaken by China's State Grid, started transmission of power from Pakistan's Madhiyari-Lahore (Mala) plus-minus 660 kV DC transmission project. It indicates that the project has entered the stage of large-load power transmission.

The Murrah DC transmission project is the only power transmission project among the priority projects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. It is also Pakistan's first high-voltage DC transmission project. The project was invested and constructed by the State Grid China Power Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. and started construction in December 2018. Completed and started large-load power transmission. Wang Bo, deputy general manager of the third division of the State Grid China Power Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. and CFO of the Murrah DC Transmission Project, said, "This project has successfully completed all 181 test projects on June 5, 2021. Shan Zhi During the power test and the overload test, the DC system maintained stable operation and the equipment performance was excellent. The project is scheduled to formally realize commercial operation on September 1, 2021."

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