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07 Jul 2021

Russia Tests Low Speed Turbines for VVER-TOI Reactors

07 Jul 2021  by   

The Leningrad Metal Plant (LMZ – part of Power Machines) said that it had completed tests on the prototype of a domestic low-speed turbine with a capacity of 1255MWe.

LMZ is the only enterprise in the world that today manufactures powerful steam turbines in both high-speed and low-speed versions. The correctness of the assembly and the accuracy of the alignment of all elements of the flow path of the turbine were confirmed during the tests.

Based on the experience of creating powerful high-speed steam turbines and advanced scientific achievements, Power Machines has been carrying out a project for the development and production of a low-speed turbine unit with a capacity of 1255MWe for several years. The company has consistently implemented a complex of research and development work, experimental development of new units on model and full-scale stands, technological preparation of production.

Especially for the production of an innovative type of equipment, Power Machines built and put into operation a modern high-tech industrial complex for the production of power equipment with a capacity of 500MWe, including low-speed turbine units for nuclear power plants with a capacity of more than 1200MWe with the possibility of expanding the range to a capacity of 1800MWe. Investments in the construction and equipment of the complex amounted to about RUB7 billion ($95.6m).

The 1255MWe new generation low-speed turbine was designed and developed by the employees of the special design bureau of LMZ Turbina, taking into account the requirements of the innovative VVER-TOI project, as well as in accordance with the requirements and with the active support of Rosatom. Potentially the new turbine could be used in a turbine plant with a unit power in the range of 1600-1800MWe. Previously, the LMZ product line for nuclear power plants was represented exclusively by high-speed turbines with a maximum capacity of 1200MWe.

“The production of the prototype of a low-speed high-power turbine is the most important innovative project for the Russian energy industry as a whole, which allows Power Machines to enter the market of low-speed high-power turbines and compete in this segment with global power machine-building companies,” said Anton Viktorov, head of the nuclear power division of Power Machines. “The current state policy for the development of the nuclear industry fully creates the conditions for the development of a new technology for the Russian market for the production of low-speed turbine units and the import substitution of high-tech equipment.”

VVER-TOI is a development by OKB Gidroress based on the technical solutions for VVER-1200 reactor plants. VVER-TOI reactors have increased power, improved technical and economic indicators and increased resistance to extreme external influences and natural disasters. Kursk-II NPP will be the first power plant with these reactors.

Currently the main producer of low-speed turbines for Russia is GE Steam Power. AAEM (a joint venture of Rosatom’s mechanical engineering division Atomenergomash and GE Steam Power) was established in 2007 to complete the turbine rooms of Russian-designed NPPs using the GE Steam Power Arabelle steam turbine technology.

A total of four Arabelle low-speed steam turbines will be installed at the Akkuyu NPP in Turkey. Since 2017, AAEM has been supplying equipment for complete steam turbine units for the Akkuyu NPP. AAEM specialist are responsible for engineering, design and supply of equipment for the turbine hall, while the Arabelle low speed steam turbine and related equipment will be manufactured by GE Steam Power.

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