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07 Jun 2024

Rosatom Mechanical Engineering Division Shipped Key Equipment for Chinese NPPs

07 Jun 2024  by PR   
Izhora Plants (part of Rosatom’s Mechanical Engineering Division) have shipped five units of equipment manufactured for two NPPs of Russian design currently under construction in China. The large cargo with a total weight of about 500 tons is to be delivered by rail, road and sea transport.

The Tianwan NPP will receive a pressurizer for its unit 8 while four hydraulic accumulators for the emergency core cooling system of unit 3 are being delivered to the Xudapu NPP. Along with that, ZIO-Podolsk JSC (a company of Rosatom’s Mechanical Engineering Division in a Moscow satellite town) shipped a bubbler for unit 4 of the Xudapu NPP.

The shipped equipment was properly tested at each technological stage to verify its conformity to the strict quality requirements for the products to be supplied to nuclear energy facilities. Chinese specialists participated in the test procedures at the sites.

A pressurizer is an important component of an NPP reactor hall equipment. It ensures the required pressure in the reactor primary circuit. The length of a pressurizer assembly is about 14 meters, its diameter being 3.3 meters and its weight being 186 tons.

Hydraulic accumulators of the emergency core cooling system are among key components of an NPP safety system. Four separate tanks with boron solution weighing 75 tons and having a volume of 60 cubic meters are connected to the reactor vessel by means of a pipeline.

A bubbler is required to condense steam coming from the pressurizer and other primary coolant equipment in heating up and other reactor operating modes. The device is made of austenitic chromium-nickel steel, weighs 15 tons, has a length of about 8 meters, a diameter of 2.5 meters and a height of 4 meters.

The Mechanical Engineering Division has considerable experience in manufacturing nuclear equipment for NPPs in Russia and abroad. Earlier, Izhora Plants manufactured and supplied pressurizers for unit 7 of the Tianwan NPP and unit 3 of the Xudapu NPP in China, as well as a set of hydraulic accumulators for the emergency core cooling system of unit 7 at the Tianwan NPP. Bubblers produced by ZIO-Podolsk JSC are successfully operated at the first stage units of the Kudankulam NPP in India, at the second stage units of the Rostov and Leningrad nuclear power plants and at other plants.

Rosatom is actively cooperating with China in several key areas of nuclear energy, including the construction of Chinese NPP units as well as fuel supplies thereto, fast neutron nuclear reactor technology and closed nuclear fuel cycle. With the participation of Rosatom, China is constructing four new Russian-design units with VVER-1200: two units at the Xudapu NPP and two others at the Tianwan NPP.

Rosatom is actively involved in the development of export potential for high-tech products and strengthens international cooperation with friendly countries. By meeting its commitments, Rosatom confirms its status as a reliable supplier of nuclear equipment making firmer its position on the global market.


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