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10 Jun 2021

CRRC Joins Global Wind Organisation

10 Jun 2021  by Energy Global   

Fast growing Chinese wind turbine manufacturer CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co. Ltd has now joined Global Wind Organisation, becoming part of a global network of stakeholders driving standards for safety.

CRRC is one of the world’s top wind turbine manufacturers, with 3.84 GW of new installations in 2020 and a total of 8.2 GW installed to date. The company’s membership was approved by GWO’s General Assembly of globally leading manufacturers and owner operators and was celebrated at an official ceremony in Beijing, China.

Mr. LIU Hui, Deputy General Manager of CRRC Wind Power confirmed that they as manufacturer of Wind Turbines will commit to use GWO standards for its workforce training and furthermore CRRC will soon be certifying its own GWO training centre.

CRRC Wind Power has 1100 employees, of which 60% are technicians and engineers who are likely to be in scope for GWO Basic Safety Training.

Mr. LIU Hui, explained:

"For CRRC Wind Power safety has always been crucial ensure both in production, installation, operations, and maintenance of turbines. CRRC will unambiguously work to provide a safe and harm-free working environment for our workforce and to promote an aligned standard of safety in the wind power industry. As a GWO member company, CRRC Wind Power is looking forward to work together across markets and expand adherence to GWO global safety standards. As a state-owned enterprise, CRRC takes the responsibility of ‘achieve yourself while others achieve’, and we will make contributions to the development of green energy in the new era."

For GWO, having a fifth Chinese member this will accelerate the industry’s global effort to strive towards an injury free working environment and it is a step towards establishing GWO as the aligned wind industry training standard for Chinese technicians.

“To meet our ambitions, we will need to grow this community, doubling each year in 2021 and again in 2022. Globally, we know at least 500 000 technicians need GWO safety training, and in China alone this amounts to almost 220 000 people to meet the country’s forecast installation targets of 194 GW by 2025 on and offshore.

We see support from a growing number of leading Chinese wind companies, joining our mission to strive towards an injury free workforce in the global wind industry. And we continue to grow the numbers of training centres globally and in China.

CRRC is now a part of the global GWO community. Just like in a family, our community relies on unity and leadership and we look forward to working with Mr. LIU Hui and his excellent team”

Paul Robbins, Chairman of Global Wind Organisation’s Executive Committee and Chief H&S Specialist at Vestas, said:

“We are extremely pleased to welcome CRRC as our newest member of the GWO Family.

CRRC has a decades long heritage within rail and entered the wind industry in 2006, becoming an important Chinese manufacturer today, and I look forward to working together with our new colleagues to positively influence the safety of a diverse workforce. We look forward to supporting them in reaching our collective goals of creating a safer environment and more productive workforce in wind.”

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