24 May 2021

Faerch Group Drives Carbon Neutral Goal with New Solar Project

24 May 2021  by   

Faerch Group produces high quality packaging for the food industry. The company is working towards becoming carbon neutral. With multiple large manufacturing sites, Faerch is utilising the building rooftops to deploy solar and unlock financial benefits as well as driving its carbon reduction strategy.

Solis, part of Ginlong Technologies, develops and manufactures string inverters for use in solar installations globally. It worked closely with Engenera to deliver the 2MW solar project, which comprised more than 4,000 modules.

Engenera operates as a decarbonisation partner for businesses of all sizes seeking a holistic solution to better manage all their energy needs and help them align with government targets. It is one of the few renewable energy companies able to offer renewable energy installations at no capital outlay to customers thanks to its access to a £100 million green bond programme.

This site in Country Durham is just one of several where Faerch plans to install solar PV on its rooftops. The schemes are carefully assessed for their financial credibility, reliability and grid connectivity. The project uses the Solis 110KW, described as a perfect solution for this type of installation, in combination with the new SolisCloud intelligent monitoring platform, which allows all installations to be tracked and maintained remotely.

Sandy Woodward, Solis Regional Director for Europe, said: “Designed specifically for commercial rooftop applications, the 110kW integrates our fifth-generation technology and best-in-class components to deliver a class leading efficiency and performance. Working together with our commercial rooftop customers we can ensure that the maximum energy yield and ROI is realised.”

Lloyd Lawson, the chief strategy officer of Engenera, added:

“Working within the plastics sector, Faerch are leading the way with their European environmental drive and carbon strategy. We are delighted that they chose Engenera to be their Solar PPA partner in the UK. We are currently modelling their second UK site and look forward to cultivating an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship.”

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