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26 Jan 2021

EDF Orders Additional 650k Landis+Gyr Smart Meters for UK Rollout

26 Jan 2021  by   

UK utility EDF has ordered an additional 650,000 smart gas and electric meters from Landis+Gyr to meet its UK smart meter rollout target.

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The SMETS2 meters will be delivered by 2025 and follows an initial order of 500,000 meters.

As one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers with approximately 5 million accounts, EDF has played an integral role in the nationwide deployment of smart meters.

Since installing the UK’s first SMETS2 meter in 2018, Landis+Gyr has partnered with most of the UK’s large energy suppliers to provide a range of tailored solutions to support these companies in their rollout of smart technology. This year it has also worked with smaller businesses and independent suppliers to open up the SMETS2 market to more providers through innovative new contract models.

The SMETS2 rollout is paving the way for a smart grid and intelligent power distribution system which will fundamentally transform the way the power grid operates, supporting the systematic decarbonisation of the UK economy. A smarter grid will radically transform UK electricity infrastructure, helping to facilitate the deployment of more renewable energy resources to the grid, including offshore wind.

Christopher Dalley, back office, asset & revenue operations director at EDF said: “Landis+Gyr’s expertise has meant that we can implement the best possible technology for our customers, and we are really pleased to continue our work with them over the coming years. This is essential for meeting our smart meter rollout targets and reducing customer emissions, as well as transitioning to a smarter, more intelligent power system, all helping towards Britain’s Net Zero targets.”

Simon Egan, managing director UK, Ireland and Netherlands at Landis+Gyr add: “We have now secured contracts to deliver a substantial proportion of the 53 million meters that are needed to make the Government’s rollout ambitions a reality.”

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