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07 Dec 2020

Guangzhou Siemens to Provide 18 Transformers for Wudongde Power Station

07 Dec 2020  by   

Guangzhou Siemens Transformer Co., Ltd. has manufactured 18 flexible-to-direct converter transformers for the Wudongde Power Station in China.

The Wudongde Power Station Power Transmission Guangdong Guangxi UHV Multi-terminal DC Demonstration Project is the world’s first UHV hybrid three-terminal DC system project. Guangdong Longmen adopts flexible DC transmission with multi-terminal reception.

Guangzhou Siemens Transformer Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangzhi Group , provided 18 three-voltage converter transformer products for the Wudongde power station project. Among them, 2 units of ±800kV and 600kV converter products each with a capacity of 406MVA are provided for the Kunbei converter station at the sending end; 7 units of ±800kV and 400kV converter products are provided for each of the Liubei converter station, each with a capacity of 290MVA .

The ±800kV converter transformer is currently the world’s highest voltage level flexible direct converter transformer.

Due to the special operating conditions of the Wudongde power station project, and the ±800kV converter transformer used in the world’s highest voltage level flexible DC transmission project has extremely high requirements for the insulation system design.

The design and development team of Guangzhou Siemens Transformer Co., Ltd. actively carried out technical research and fully considered In addition to the assessment of the insulation system for AC and DC voltages, special designs such as magnetic leakage shielding under large capacity conditions, heat dissipation calculations under harmonic conditions, and UHV currents have been taken into consideration, and various technical problems have been successfully solved.

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