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01 Nov 2020

Mozambique’s Electricity Grid Requires Strengthening and Extension

01 Nov 2020  by Agence Ecofin   

According to EDM, the Mozambican power company, several substations and power lines in the country will have to undergo interventions to avoid overload and premature aging. Interventions which will maintain the integrity of the network while awaiting its extension.

EDM, the Mozambican electricity company is requesting urgent intervention on 12 of the 37 electrical substations serving the southern provinces of the country. A recent evaluation carried out by its technicians shows that these interventions are necessary to avoid overloading the equipment.

She also revealed that six high-voltage transmission lines have reached the limit of their capacity. The work required is therefore necessary to prevent premature aging, or even collapse, of these infrastructures.

Substations serving the center of the country are spared from the overload for the moment. However, the 362,000 new connections to the electricity grid planned as part of the country’s electrification could pose this risk to eight of these substations.
250,000 new connections are planned over the next two years in the northern provinces, posing the risk of overloading on seven electrical substations.

The implementation of projects to strengthen the electricity network could improve the situation, but the need to extend the country’s electricity network is still present according to the company. This extension will prevent restrictions and ensure the quality of the energy supplied to the populations.

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