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05 Jun 2020

Smart Power Grid Added Tremendous Impetus to China's Hainan Free Trade Port

05 Jun 2020  by   

On June 1, the Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port was officially released. Hainan Free Trade Port, China, will conform to high-level international economic and trade rules, and become a clear banner and an important open door leading China's opening to the outside world in the new era.

Since April 13, 2018, the construction of China's Hainan Free Trade Zone and free trade port has been accelerating, ushering in a major historic opportunity for Hainan to comprehensively deepen reform and opening-up.

China Southern Power Grid Hainan Power Grid Co., Ltd. has also been given a new mission -- to embark on a new journey of building a world-class power grid enterprise, and to build a beautiful image window of Southern Network serving Hainan Free Trade Zone and free trade port.Hainan Power Grid has always been in resonance with the development of Hainan, constantly surging forward in the wave of reform and development, creating a vivid practical examples.

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