26 Mar 2020

Strada Completes Tests of Deep Drilling Geothermal Technology

26 Mar 2020  by Renewables Now   

Channel Islands-based Strada Global has successfully completed testing of its patented Fluid Hammer Operating System (FHOS) for deep drilling, which it says makes large-scale geothermal projects “possible and profitable” even at significant depth and in any terrain.

Testing has been finalised in January in Australia. There, Strada demonstrated the technology, which boasts higher drilling rates in hard rock, deeper drilling capability and improved safety due to downhole condition controllability.

The patented system has previously been approved by the Lloyds Register, which found that it could achieve depths of more than 6,000 metres, and potentially cut drilling costs by up to 70% when compared to existing technologies.

The FHOS combines the advantages of the mud rotary system with the high penetration rates in hard formations of air hammer percussion drilling systems, Strada explains. It added that the system can be easily adapted to most drilling rigs and used, in addition to geothermal drilling, in critical infrastructure projects.

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