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17 Mar 2020

CNOOC Makes Large Oil Discovery in Bohai Bay

17 Mar 2020  by Offshore energytoday   
Chinese oil and gas company CNOOC Limited has made a large-sized discovery Kenli 6-1 in Bohai Bay, which is expected to be the first large-sized oil field in Laibei lower uplift.

The Kenli 6-1 structure is located in Laibei lower uplift in the southern Bohai basin with an average water depth of about 19.2 meters.

CNOOC said on Monday that the discovery well KL6-1-3 was drilled and completed at a depth of 1,596 meters, and encountered oil pay zones with a total thickness of approximately 20 meters.

The well was tested to produce around 1,178 barrels of oil per day, the company added.

The company also noted that this successful exploration well represented a breakthrough in the exploration area of Laibei lower uplift, and further proved the huge exploration potential of the Neogene lithologic reservoir in the Laizhou Bay.


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