Wind Power

13 Jan 2020

CNOOC's First Offshore Wind Power Project was Officially Launched

13 Jan 2020  by   
On January 6, 2020, CNOOC's first offshore wind power project was officially launched in Dongtai, Jiangsu, marking the successful completion of the construction target of Jiangsu offshore wind power project in 2019.

Jiangsu Province has large offshore wind sourse. The project effectively utilizes the advantages of local resources, which is of great significance to alleviate local energy and environmental pressures, optimize the industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading, and accelerate the green and sustainable development of the regional economy.

Offshore wind power is a new field for CNOOC. The Jiangsu Offshore Wind Power Project is the first offshore wind power project of CNOOC, and it is an active exploration of "offshore training". At present, the project has completed the installation of 13 wind turbines, and the offshore booster station has also been installed. It is expected that it will be put into production smoothly as planned next year and will provide local green energy.

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