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04 Jun 2024

Laser Hardening of Steel Used for Nuclear Plant Equipment by Rosatom

04 Jun 2024  by world-nuclear-news   
Russian state corporation Rosatom says that for the first time it has used its own technology for laser strengthening of steel in the manufacturing of rotor parts of turbine pumps for nuclear power plants.

(Image: Rosatom)

The St Petersburg-based Central Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering developed the technology with experts from Vladimir State University, with the aim of improving the strength and wear resistance of the manufactured products.

Alexey Kuzmin, First Deputy Head of the Bureau, said the laser strengthening increased the surface hardness of steel by 1.5 to 2 times, helping prevent damage and avoiding the need to remanufacture parts, which can take up to nine months.

Rector of Vladimir State University Anzor Saralidze said a technical specification for the supply of laser equipment to the Central Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering was currently being put together.

The Central Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering, which is part of the mechanical engineering division of Rosatom, plans to purchase a special machine to use at its own sites, which would allow an increase in production volumes and reduce costs, Rosatom said.


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