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22 Nov 2019

Grid Upgrade Plans Unveiled for Eastern Germany

22 Nov 2019  by Renews.BIZ   
Distribution network operators (DNOs) serving eastern Germany have produced a grid expansion plan for the high voltage network under their management.

The plan details upgrades to be undertaken by 2030 by the collective networks of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Flachennetzbetreiber Ost (ARGE FNB Ost).

The upgrades will facilitate additional generation capacity, primarily from renewable energy.

Works cover the area between the Baltic coast and the Thuringian forest, and include rebuilding 11 grid connection points, reinforcement of 29 nodes as well as construction of 526km of new cable in the high-voltage grid.

The grid expansion plan is based on data from the Network Development Planning Process (NEP 2030, version 2019) and also complements the information with local analysis and own assessments by the participating DNOs.

By 2030, 57GW of additional generation capacity is forecast to be connected to the distribution grids considered in the plan, and 50GW of this amount will come from renewable energy sources.

According to the plan in 2030 nearly 90% of installed generation capacity in the networks of ARGE FNB Ost come from renewable energy sources.

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