12 Sep 2023

Hanwha Group Unveils Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem

12 Sep 2023  by energynews   

South Korea’s Hanwha Group is poised to reveal an integrated value chain that encompasses the production, storage, and transportation of clean hydrogen, all driven by renewable energy sources and innovative ammonia technology.

The conglomerate, consisting of seven subsidiary companies, including Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Energy, Hanwha Solutions, Hanwha Aerospace, Hanwha Ocean, Hanwha Impact, and Hanwha Power Systems, is set to showcase their groundbreaking contributions to the clean hydrogen revolution.

The Power of Water Electrolysis

At the core of this initiative lies water electrolysis technology, a process that utilizes electricity generated from renewable sources like solar and wind to split water into its fundamental components: hydrogen and oxygen. Several Hanwha Group companies, including Hanwha Corporation, Hanwha Energy, Hanwha Solutions, and Hanwha Impact, are at the forefront of this technology. Notably, Hanwha Solutions is spearheading research into a next-generation water electrolysis technique designed to produce hydrogen with reduced initial investment costs and increased energy efficiency compared to existing methods.

Revolutionary High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage

To ensure the secure storage and transportation of the produced hydrogen, Hanwha Solutions will unveil an array of high-pressure tanks, suitable for various applications, including trailer transportation, hydrogen vehicles, drones, and aerospace tanks. The highlight is the 37-foot (11.1 m) high-pressure tank, boasting the world’s largest storage capacity at 4080 L and exceptional pressure resistance at 517 bar.

Hydrogen Power Takes Flight

Hanwha Aerospace is set to introduce a lightweight 100kW hydrogen fuel cell designed for application in Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Regional Air Mobility (RAM). This move reflects Hanwha Aerospace’s commitment to expanding its role in eco-friendly future air mobility solutions.

Greening the Seas with Ammonia-Powered Ships

Hanwha Ocean will showcase an ammonia carrier, a herald of the next generation of eco-friendly ships. Additionally, a 3,000-ton submarine model equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system will be on display. Impressively, Hanwha Ocean has secured certifications from the UK’s Lloyd’s Register for ammonia-powered container ships and ultra-large crude carriers, with commercialization slated for 2025.

Carbon-Free Power Generation

Hanwha Power Systems is independently developing carbon-free power generation technology that relies on 100% hydrogen as fuel. This innovation is on the brink of carbon-free power generation. Moreover, plans are in place to introduce hydrogen-blend power generation technology, utilizing a mixture of LNG and hydrogen as fuel. This approach can significantly extend the lifespan of LNG turbines by at least a decade through retrofitting with hydrogen turbines.

A Path to Carbon Neutrality

Beyond its existing renewable energy projects involving solar and wind power, Hanwha Group is making a substantial commitment to global carbon neutrality through its clean hydrogen business. The grand finale of this endeavor is the commercial operation of a hydrogen power plant utilizing hydrogen hybrid power generation technology, scheduled for 2027.


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