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28 Feb 2023

Stored Nord Stream Pipes To Be Used With a Floating LNG Terminal in the Baltic

28 Feb 2023  by   

3000 pipes, originally intended to be used to transport Russian gas as part of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline system, have been lying in limbo for over a year in the German port of Mukran in Ruegen on the Baltic Sea.

The Russian war of aggression on neighboring Ukraine spelled the end of Nord Stream 2 as it never went into operation. Recently a Swiss court has granted Nord Stream AG a six month stay of bankruptcy until June of 2023.

Now the German government is interested in using these surplus pipes for the connection to a new, already operating, floating LNG terminal in the coastal city of Lubmin in Rügen. The German government is currently negotiating the purchase of these pipes with Nord Stream AG in Zug, Switzerland.


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