20 Jun 2022

Brits Keener to See Solar Panels in Their Local Area Than Wind Farms

20 Jun 2022  by   

Image: Shutterstock

People are happier for a solar panel farm to be built in their local area than an onshore wind farm.

That’s according to the latest BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker which shows nearly 54% would be happy about a solar panel farm being built in their local area, while 43% would be happy for a wind project.

That reflects the scepticism the expansion of onshore wind often faces.

In recent months, proposals to relax onshore wind planning rules in the UK have reportedly faced criticism by members of the Cabinet.

The survey also found that happiness about having a local onshore wind farm was higher that the UK average for people in the East (48%) and South West (51%) of England and in Wales (51%), while it was lower in London (33%).


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