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03 May 2022

Boris Johnson Says – Build a Nuclear Power Plant Every Year

03 May 2022  by   

Image: Boris Johnson / Twitter

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reiterated the government’s objective of building one new nuclear power station every year.

Mr Johnson is on the campaign trail in the North East ahead of the upcoming local elections this week.

The announcement came as no surprise as the government’s recently announced Energy Security Strategy focuses heavily on nuclear power and offshore wind.

Last year, the Autumn Budget included a £1.5 billion investment in a new large-scale nuclear power station.

The Prime Minister tweeted: “Nuclear power stations like the one I visited in Hartlepool today are absolutely crucial to weaning us off fossil fuels, including Russian oil and gas.

“Instead of a new one every decade, we are going to build one every year, powering homes with clean, safe and reliable energy.”

Two months ago, speaking to the House of Commons Liaison Committee, Boris Johnson wondered “why the French got 56 nuclear reactors and we’ve got barely six”?


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