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27 Apr 2022

TotalEnergies and Adani Develop Renewables in India

27 Apr 2022  by   

According to estimates by the United Nations, India is expected to become the most populous country by 2027. As the world’s third-largest energy consumer, and faced with the prospect of soaring growth in the country’s population and economy in the years ahead, India needs to address the challenge of meeting the rising level of energy demand while achieving a 40% reduction in its CO2 emissions by 2030.

TotalEnergies is working hand-in-hand with its longstanding partner, the Adani Group, to tackle this challenge with the joint aim of helping India move forward with its plans to develop renewable energies and natural gas by supplying more energy to the country with fewer emissions.

The energy transition raises a number of challenges for the Indian economy. The country needs to strike a balance between economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental performance.

Empowered by an initial number of partnerships with Adani aimed at helping diversify the local energy mix by developing India’s natural gas market, TotalEnergies created in 2020 a 50/50 joint venture with Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), Adani’s renewable energy subsidiary. Subsequently, in early 2021, TotalEnergies acquired 20% of AGEL itself.

AGEL currently operates over 7 GW of renewable projects in the country. India has set itself the target of generating 40% of its power from renewables by 2030, reaching 500 GW of renewable capacity. Spread across 11 Indian states, these solar and wind power operations represent the company’s largest ever investment in renewables.

They paint a clear picture of the company’s shared determination with Adani to supply more energy with fewer emissions, with the focus clearly on greater sustainability.

Alongside Adani, TotalEnergies is firmly convinced that achieving all these projects’ ambitions is the best way of supporting the country with its transition plans and generally moving the energy transition agenda forward on a global scale.

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