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20 Apr 2022

Moltex and SNC-Lavalin Partner to Advance Nuclear Energy

20 Apr 2022  by   

Artist's impression of the Moltex reactor. Image: Moltex

Moltex Energy Canada and SNC-Lavalin Group have announced a strategic partnership for the development and deployment of innovative nuclear energy technologies.

Moltex will draw on SNC-Lavalin’s network of experts in engineering, licensing and regulatory affairs, quality assurance, construction and operation planning to deploy next-generation small modular reactors (SMRs).

The company is developing nuclear technologies, including a Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner (SSR-W), which uses recycled nuclear waste as fuel and a Waste to Stable Salt (WATSS) process for recycling nuclear waste.

In addition, its GridReserve thermal energy storage tanks that allow the reactor to complement intermittent renewables.

Moltex is developing first-of-a-kind units for NB Power in New Brunswick, Canada and intends to build further units across the country and abroad.

Joe St. Julian, President, Nuclear, SNC-Lavalin said: “Canada and the world will need to explore all nuclear technology options to meet net zero commitments. Given the scale of the challenge, it is important that we work on the deployment of Gen III SMRs and grid-scale reactors and look to the future and support the development of Gen IV reactors. Moltex’s unique Gen IV molten salt design can not only help achieve net zero carbon but it can also help to reduce nuclear waste.

“SNC-Lavalin is pleased to support Moltex as it pursues a project to licence and construct the first of a kind (FOAK) waste-burning reactor in New Brunswick, Canada.”


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