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30 Mar 2022

Covid-19 Cuts Japan’s Energy Emissions in FY 2020-21

30 Mar 2022  by   
Japan's energy-related CO2 emissions fell by around 83mn t in the April 2020-March 2021 fiscal year, as the Covid-19 pandemic limited economic activity and reduced energy consumption in the country.

Japan's CO2 emissions derived from energy use fell by 82.9mn t in 2020-21, following a 7.2mn t reduction in February-March 2020, the last two months of the 2019-20 fiscal year when Covid-19 began to spread, according to the latest survey by the environment ministry.

The fall in the 2020-21 energy-related CO2 emissions contributed to a 5.1pc year-on-year decline in Japan's overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the year, which were preliminary estimated at 1.149bn t of CO2 equivalent (CO2e).

Energy-related CO2 emissions from the country's industry and commercial sectors were estimated to have fallen by 51.1mn t and by 14.9mn t respectively between February 2020 and March 2021 because of Covid-19 restrictions, along with a 27.6mn t reduction in the transportation sector. But CO2 emissions generated from energy use by households rose by 3.6mn t as people spent more time at home to limit the spread of the virus.

Japan has pledged to cut GHG emissions by 46pc by 2030-31 compared with 2013-14 levels, before achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. This means the country would have to reduce its GHG emissions to 760mn t CO2e in 2030-31 from 2013-14 levels.


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