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13 Jun 2019

Pellet-fueled Cogeneration Plant Opens in Croatia

13 Jun 2019  by Erin Voegele   

Resalta, an energy developer active in Central and Eastern Europe, announced June 6 that a wood pellet-fueled cogeneration plant in Slatina, Croatia, is now operational. The facility has an electric capacity of 5 MW and a heat capacity of 12 MW.

According to Resalta, construction began on the €24 million ($27.06 million) project in September 2017. The plant began operations in late 2018. The newly build facility employs 13 workers.

The company said plant’s boiler was manufactured by Croatia-based Đuro Đaković TEP. The Croatian Electricity Market Operator has signed a 14-year contract for the purchase of electricity from the plant.

“The Slatina project has the best available technology equipment with the highest level of energy efficiency and the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. Resalta, as the leader in ESCO services in Southeast Europe, is planning more and more to invest in biomass and renewable energy plants,” said Marko Podlesek, director of renewables at Resalta, in a statement. “This is a natural step for our company, which is fully oriented towards energy saving and investment in clean energy projects. We are very proud of the cooperation with the municipality of Slatina and the County, and the support they have provided to this project, as well as the excellent cooperation with Đuro Đaković, who together enabled us to build such a facility in Croatia.”

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