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30 Dec 2019

Africa Green Tec Installs Containerised Solar Mini Grid in Dalakana

30 Dec 2019  by Jean Marie Takouleu   

The German start-up Africa Green Tec has recently inaugurated a containerised solar mini-grid in the village of Dalakana, in the Kati circle of Mali. It is the 20th containerised solar power plant installed by the start-up Africa Green Tec in Mali.

The people of Dalakana village now have good access to electricity, thanks to the new equipment that has just been installed in this village located in the Mande village in the Kati circle. It is a containerised solar mini grid installed in this locality in Mali by the German start-up Africa Green Tec.

High-ranking personalities visited the village of Dalakana for the inauguration of this installation. This is the case of Moussa Obotimbe, who represented the Malian Ministry of Energy and Water, or Dietrich Pohl, Germany’s ambassador to Mali. Called Solartainer, the off-grid mini solar power plant is made up of 144 solar panels connected together by inverters.

The facility also has a lithium battery storage system. For example, the containerised solar power plant continues to provide electricity after sunset. The Africa Green Tec mini-grid has a capacity of 42 kWp.

The facility will be able to provide electricity to 4,000 people in the village of Dalakana. The German start-up implemented the project in partnership with the Malian Agency for the Development of Rural Electrification (Amader). The project required an investment of 300 million CFA francs (more than 457,000). The young company, co-founded by Thorsten Schreiber and his wife Aïda N’Daye, of Malian origin, was financed by the German government and private investors. They made the start-up available for €10 million. The aim is to install containerised solar mini grids in 50 villages. For the moment, Africa Green Tec has already equipped 20 villages with this easy-to-deploy solution.

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