17 Feb 2022

Three Gorges Crosses 100b kWh Power Generation Mark in 2021

17 Feb 2022  by   
The Three Gorges Power Station generated a total of 103.649 billion kWh electricity as of 12:00 a.m. December 31, 2021, crossing the 100 billion mark again, China Three Goroges Corporation has announced.


The 22.5GW Three Gorges Power Station is the world’s largest hydropower plant in terms of installed capacity. It set a new record for annual power generation volume from a single hydropower station in 2020, beating the previous world record of 103.098 billion kilowatt-hours set by South America"s Itaipu Dam in 2016. Apart from achieving the annual power generation of over 100 billion kWh for two years in a row, the Three Gorges Project also achieved significant benefits in a wide range of areas such as flood control, navigation, and water resource utilization, said CTG.

The total inflow volume to the Three Gorges Reservoir in 2021 amounted to 453.638 billion cubic meters. During the dry season, the project served the role of a fresh water resource and replenished over 22.1 billion cubic meters of water to the lower reaches of the Yangtze River for 138 days.

Three targeted operations for fish species that produce viscid and demersal eggs were conducted at the Three Gorges Reservoir in 2021, during which around 300 million eggs were spawned. The four major breeds of Chinese domesticated fish spawned over 8.4 billion eggs in two eco-scheduling operations at the lower reaches of the Gezhouba Dam.

In 2021, the Three Gorges ship lock operated efficiently and safely 10,100 times, with 40,400 ships passing through carrying a total of 8038 passengers and 146 million tons of cargo, up 6.83% from a year earlier.


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