20 Jan 2022

Sungrow Presents New Central Inverter

20 Jan 2022  by   

Chinese inverter manufacturer Sungrow has launched a new modular central inverter solution with an output of 1.1MW.

The 1+X modular inverter from Sungrow.  Image: Sungrow

Called the 1+X modular inverter, the new product can be deployed, by combining eight units, to reach a power of 8.8MW. The inverter has a three-level modularization at the inverter level, the system level and the component level.

“The system modularization makes PV module configuration more flexible to extend,” Sungrow said in a statement. The inverter is said to supports a maximum two times DC/AC ratio. Moreover, the 1+X modular inverter has 42% more MPPT than traditional central inverters and it realizes string-level management by means of a new wireless DC combiner.

The system also features a DC/ESS interface for the connection of energy storage systems.

“The component modularization realizes the plug and play function, reducing the maintenance from six hours to two hours,” the manufacturer further explained, noting that, since each inverter also works in an individual unit, it can be directly replaced by an on-site back-up inverter if a failure occurs.

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