13 Dec 2021

Sungrow Launches Ultra Powerful Inverter: SG350HX for Effective Malaysian Large Scale Solar 4 Projects

13 Dec 2021  by SUNGROW   

The Malaysian government ambitiously targets to achieve 20% penetration of renewable energy by 2025. To fuel this process, the Energy Commission (EC) has started competitive bidding for Large Scale Solar Programme (LSS) since 2016, in an effort to lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of PV plants. Currently, the fourth round (LSS4) is progressing steadily. Thirty bid winners are announced to share a total of 1,000 MW of solar power generation. The winners must have their projects completed by 2023, and ensure each to operate for at least 21 years; otherwise, they will pay liquidated and ascertained damages.

For the LSS4 success, Sungrow recently held an online event with leading renewable energy players in Malaysia and the bid winner — Solarvest, to discuss their chances and challenges under the LSS4 projects. Davis Chong, Chief Executive Officer from Solarvest opinioned that LSS4 developers face cost pressure from rising inflation, module prices, tariffs, so they must select trustworthy partners to secure efficient and long-term beneficial plant construction. Accordingly, Cobe He, Sungrow’s sales manager in Malaysia presented Sungrow’s comprehensive inverter solutions and emphatically introduced to the newly-launched SG350HX, the ultra-powerful string inverter.

As Sungrow’s star inverter, SG350HX achieves an unprecedented max. power of 352kW, perfectly matching 182mm/210mm PV modules and leading to a higher DC/AC ratio. LSS Plants can have larger electricity generation and optimal capacity rations. This product also helps lower the LCOE with larger block installation, saving $0.15 million per 50 MWac, and quicker Q response time less than 30ms, saving $0.15 million per 50 MWac.

Thanks to these phenomenal features, by using SG350HX, the developer can save more than 100 units of inverters per 50 MWac solar project in Malaysia than other inverter providers. Less inverters installed also means the plant is easier to operate and maintain throughout the entire commercial process. As a result, Sungrow manages to provide higher yield and lower LCOS for LSS4 developers. This simplified O&M workflow can significantly shorten the grid connection time and guarantee long term and stable operation.

Sungrow ranks first in the Malaysian Market in terms of inverter installation and it successfully supplied a large number of solar and BESS projects from LSS1 to LSS3. For example, recently, the Sungai Petani 100 MW project and IBvolt 100 MW project announced formal COD.

As the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, Sungrow is ready to provide the full-scenario solutions for each bid winner to execute LSS 4 projects effectively, so as to guarantee the ROI, and seize more opportunities from the flourishing Malaysian renewable energy market. Sungrow also offers comprehensive services throughout the designing, constructing, testing, and commissioning of the LSS power plant. Partnering with Sungrow will save time and cost, simplify post O&M and accelerate the grid connection.


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