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06 Dec 2021

ROSATOM's Executives Discussed the Role of Energy Technologies in Combating Climate Change at the Global Impact Conference 2021

06 Dec 2021  by Rosatom   
On December 1, 2021 ROSATOM Director General Alexey Likhachev, ROSATOM Deputy Director General for HR Tatyana Terentyeva, and other representatives of the state corporation and its organizations took part in the Global Impact Conference 2021. The event was held with the support of ROSATOM, Euronews, Europe's leading news channel, UN Global Compact, and VK as a digital partner.

More than 50 experts from 30 countries took part in GIC 2021, including government officials, international organizations, corporations, NGOs, development institutions and local expert communities.

The main theme of GIC 2021 was the importance of trust and partnership in response to today's challenges. Conference participants shared their proactive approach to dealing with the world’s most pressing challenges, including: “Business strategies to conserve the planet’s biodiversity and fight global warming”, “Integrating employees of different ages and with different values in response to the workforce crisis”, “Development of an accessible urban environment and digitalization of agriculture”, ”Designing cities of the future and sustainable transport infrastructure”, “Sustainable practices in human resource management by leading companies”, “Adaptive cities of the future”, “Clean energy and equal access to electricity”, “Building diverse and inclusive organizations”.

The UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow showed that during COVID-19 and environmental crisis, leadership and readiness to solve problems become especially evident. But the real progress is possible only when each of us becomes a leader, as shown by the experts of the conference. The right combination of ambitions and skills is able to change the world,” – said the Director General of ROSATOM.

Оne of the major themes of Global Impact Conference was the role of youth in sustainable transformation of the world. “Despite their tender age, these days young people are vigorous, ever-ready to take responsibility and actively search for solutions to global challenges. We hear the voices of young people and understand their needs. It means that we are open to a dialogue and eager to work together on our global strategy and to deliver a joint impact on the future. Therefore, I believe, it would be a sound and timely resolution of this conference to establish an international youth advisory council Impact Team 2050,– said Alexey Likhachev. – I am convinced that our global partnership with the younger generation will become a driving force of positive change around the world!”

Impact Team 2050 will introduce their youth vision for the future of the green agenda, promote and foster youth-driven sustainable solutions from around the globe and prepare recommendations to make the labor market better focused on the youth demands. The First Impact Team 2050 Meeting will be held in Sochi in 2022.

We are excited to invite young people to become a part of the Impact Team 2050 on

The First Russian-Italian Forum for Sustainable Development took part as a side event at GIC 2021 to discuss topics of global climate agenda such as energy transition, international trade, etc. Together with

Russian and Italian Ambassadors, experts from two countries and young visionaries presented their views on priority areas for cooperation.

About the Global Impact Conference

The Global Impact Conference is an online case-based conference designed to accumulate and disseminate international best practices in the field of sustainable development.

These and other best practices will become a part of the Global Impact Conference platform and will be available to participants around the world.

Along with young visionaries working to achieve sustainable development goals, top managers of major corporations such as ROSATOM, Nornickel, Rolls-Royce SMR, Volvo Group Trucks Technology, LʼORÉAL, Microsoft, Spotify, etc took part in GIC 2021.

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