12 Sep 2021

Germany Urged to Prioritise Offshore Green Hydrogen

12 Sep 2021  by   

The next federal government in Germany needs to create the conditions for ambitious green hydrogen production using offshore wind power, according to industry groups.

The groups – BWO, DWV, EEHH, EE.SH, IG Metall Coast, Foundation Offshore-Winden-Ergie, WAB and the AquaVentus Forderverein – said that in order to meet the demand for green hydrogen and to build up a globally competitive hydrogen industry, a strong home market must be built up in the near future.

They have made several recommendations for the next government in order to make domestic, green hydrogen production at sea on an industrial scale a reality.
Germany's next government must anchor specific goals for the generation of green hydrogen from offshore wind energy.

The country's national hydrogen strategy must be further specified by setting binding expansion targets and creating a roadmap for offshore wind to hydrogen.

The expansion targets for offshore hydrogen must be set in addition to the expansion target of 40GW at sea for the electricity sector.

The government should also promptly designate sites in the area development plan for at least 5GW of offshore hydrogen production at the northwest end in the German exclusive economic zone of the North Sea.

These areas cannot be used for line-based electricity generation, the groups said.

A hydrogen transport pipeline must be explicitly provided for in the regional planning plan for the North Sea, they added.

The government should also consistently develop the tendering and awarding regime for hydrogen areas.

A permit regime needs to be developed and the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency should be equipped with more resources and personnel.

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