08 Oct 2021

Uruguay to Explore Green Hydrogen Production from Offshore Wind Farms

08 Oct 2021  by   

Uruguay is set to receive a boost to its hydrogen capabilities with a new H2U Offshore project presented on Wednesday (Oct 6) by ANCAP.

The innovative project will look to promote renewable energy production from wind farms installed on an offshore platform.

Included within this would be a new platform dedicated to exploring the production of green hydrogen unlocking another renewable corridor for Uruguay to decarbonise its industries.

A call for investors has now been made to support the green hydrogen production aspect of the project.

This focus on green hydrogen production reveals how significant Uruguay regard the clean energy carrier and how they wish to develop a booming hydrogen economy in the South American nation.

Alejandro Stipanicic, President of ANCAP, said, “Interested parties are asked to offer what is the profit that the State is going to give, the eventual participation of ANCAP and a work plan.

“We hope to have a round of consultations with companies to understand their expectations, so that they access our information and can complement their basic information. This can take between 8 months and 2 years.

“Then it is reasonable that we do the bidding and that the companies confirm all that laboratory work on the site.”

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