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18 Jul 2021

GRI Renewable Industries and Hempel Strike Strategic Partnership

18 Jul 2021  by   

GRI Renewable Industries, a manufacturer of towers and flanges for the wind sector, and Hempel, a supplier of coating solutions, are teaming up in a strategic partnership to co-operate around innovative solutions to increase efficiency in processes and equipment for surface protection of wind turbines.

The new strategic partnership is a further strengthening of a long-term co-operation between the two companies as they expand the scope to include research and development on potential innovative products; trying to minimise the cost of surface treatment for wind turbines while guaranteeing high quality. Hempel continues to support GRI Renewable Industries remaining competitive throughout the entire process.

“At Hempel we like to innovate together with our customers, and we continue support GRI Renewable Industries reaching their business and sustainability targets. Therefore, we are pleased to extend our long-term relationship to also include research and innovation,” says Michael Han-sen, Chief Commercial Officer at Hempel. He continues: “GRI Renewable Industries is very skilled within tower manufacturing and tower design, and this coupled with Hempel’s expertise in coatings and surface treatment processes makes this a good partnership in terms of exploring innovative solutions for the renewable energy industry with lower Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and less time spent on sur-face treatment preparation.”

“GRI Renewable Industries continues to rely on one of its trusted suppliers, optimising our processes and complying with our ambitious sustainability goals,” says Pedro Velasco, Chief Supply Chain Officer at GRI Renewable Industries.

The collaboration between GRI Renewable Industries and Hempel also includes the University of Sevilla. The strategic partnership is focused on sustainability and prolonging the lifetime of wind towers. The ambition is to reduce surface treatment cost by 10% and lowering VOC by up to 50%. The first steps in the new co-operation around research and development will take place between GRI Renewable Industries’ R&D facility in Sevilla, Spain, and Hempel’s laboratories in Barcelona, Spain, and Denmark. From here research and testing of different coating solutions will be undertaken to explore what coating solution will best match GRI Renewable Industries’ needs.

The University of Sevilla participates under the umbrella of the project Andalusia, Alentejo and Al-garve innovation Centre (CIU3A), a project which is co-financed 75% by the European Re-gional Development Fund, Programme of Cooperación Interreg VA Spain - Portugal 2014 - 2020.This is one of the Innovation Centres that the University of Seville plans to launch in the current mandate of Government Team, which will be complemented by three innovation centres in Aeronautics, Agri-food, and Energy and Mobility.

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