06 May 2019

Clean Coal Technologies Signs Agreement With UW

06 May 2019   

The University of Wyoming (UW) and Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (CCTI) announced a new agreement today that is being lauded as a critical next step in developing a cleaner burning coal in the Powder River Basin.

Using its patented Pristine™ technology, CCTI plans to turn run-of-mine coal into a cleaner burning, more efficient fuel.

”We are delighted to be associated with this first of a kind and industry-leading technology. We have validated that their technology does what it says on the packet and are honored that CCTI has placed its trust in our researchers to support the important next stage in bringing Pristine™ technology to market” stated Richard Horner, Director, School of Energy Resources. ”The University is very pleased to support CCTI in establishing the technology commercially in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming.”

The $1 million development agreement with UW’s School of Energy Resources is a continuation of work completed earlier this year when UW researchers independently verified the performance of CCTI’s Pristine™ M technology.

”These funds have been earmarked specifically for our second generation test facility to be located in Gillette, Wyoming,” stated Robin Eves, CCTI chief executive officer. “Our partnership with the University and the State of Wyoming will ensure that the test facility will be ready to commence testing of coal and will help our company move to commercialization in an expedited manner.”

The second generation plant will include enhancements that UW’s previous research suggested. And according to Eves, researchers anticipate it will further increase the plant’s performance and efficiency and also reduce the overall cost of a commercial unit.

CCTI’s goal is to tackle the emissions issues faced by coal-fired power plants by reducing the majority of chemical pollutants, including sulfur and mercury.

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