15 Jul 2021

Carburos Metálicos Joins New Group to Support Hydrogen Value Chain in Spain

15 Jul 2021  by   

Carburos Metálicos is set to join the Chair for Hydrogen Studies at Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain, in which the group will study the potential of hydrogen in supporting the clean energy transition.

The main establishment of this group is to serve as a vocal meeting point to discuss hydrogen and realise the potential of the value chain.

This additionally will see the groups contribute to the renewable hydrogen sector in Spain.

The hydrogen research group, formed by the Higher Technical School of Engineering (Comillas ICAI) and the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences (Comillas ICADE), will carry out vigorous research that demonstrates the pivotal role that hydrogen will have I the transitional process.

The research group contains companies from across the hydrogen value chain such as Acerinox, Carburos Metálicos, Enagás, Fundación Cepsa, Management Solutions and Toyota.

All parties have agreed that hydrogen is set to become a key energy vector and allows both coupling between energy sectors and the long-term energy storage needed to manage variability of renewable electricity production.

For this, one of the main objectives of the Chair for Hydrogen Studies includes investigating the role of hydrogen in a decarbonised energy system.

As well as this, the group will generate proposals for business models associated with the hydrogen economy and promote financial innovation initiatives/financial instruments to finance these business models.

The Chair will contribute to the creation of a hydrogen market as the main aggregator of information on supply and demand conditions, and the valuation of the asset-commodity.

The group will also monitor the evolution of the indicators that determine the economic viability of renewable hydrogen in its production, storage, transport and use.

Miquel Lope, General Director of Carburos Metálicos, said, “As experts in the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to distribution for use in industry and mobility, Carburos Metálicos will bring to this chair the knowledge and expertise accumulated over decades and will contribute to promoting the development of hydrogen as an energy vector.

“We are convinced that, from this research group, we will contribute to the development of new solutions to decarbonise industry and transport, key to the energy transition.”

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