23 Jun 2021

German Gas Grid Operators See Big Role for Hydrogen

23 Jun 2021  by   

Germany’s latest gas scenarios document, produced by the country’s transmission system operators (TSOs), has highlighted the importance of integrating hydrogen, biomethane and synthetic methane into the gas infrastructure.

The Scenario Framework for the Gas Network Development Plan (NDP) 2022-2032, published today, is the first step in drawing up the Gas Network Development Plan 2022-2032, which outlines the development of gas and hydrogen demand until 2032 while also providing an outlook until 2050.

It is based on an adjusted scenario taken from the Integrated Energy Transition Study by the German Energy Agency (Dena).

For the Gas Network Development Plan 2022-2032, the transmission system operators conducted a Hydrogen Generation and Demand (Wasserstoff Erzeugung und Bedarf - WEB) market survey for the second time.

The market study reported 500 hydrogen projects, many times more than two years ago. FNB Gas chairman Thomas Gößmann said: "The enormous number of projects clearly shows that we have to provide a hydrogen infrastructure at an early stage.

“This is the only way we can make the energy system fit for the future and achieve Germany's ambitious climate protection goals."

In their last Gas Network Development Plan 2020-2030, the TSO’s plans already showed that Germany needs a hydrogen infrastructure which can be built from the existing natural gas network.

In addition to the hydrogen requirements of 191 terawatt hours (TWh) for the period up to 2032, requirements totalling 342TWh for 2040 and 476TWh for 2050 were also reported in the WEB market survey.

FNB Gas managing director Inga Posch said: "Hydrogen and green gases play a central role in the energy transition. Without them, the decarbonisation of the industry, transport and buildings sectors is simply inconceivable."

The transmission system operators point out that the development of gas demand will be stable until 2032, the target year of the planning period.

In order to be able to guarantee a reliable supply of gas to their customers, the TSOs also take additional demand and connection requests into account for their assumptions.

The consultation on the Scenario Framework for the Gas NDP 2022-2032 will run from 21 June to16 July 2021.


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